Bail Bond Overview – What You Need to Know

In basic terms, there exist four ways in which one can be released from jail following an arrest. While you can use property or real estate as collateral, you can also post cash for the entire bond amount with the court. Similarly, you can seek help from a bail bond service provider. In some cases, the judge can set you free until the following court date on personal recognizance.

Most suspects cannot raise the entire bail amount. Therefore, they will need the help of a bond agent.

This article focuses on circumstances where an accused person prepares for his or her release by turning to a bail bondsman service for help. The bond agent, therefore, pledges to pay the court the bail amount if the suspect doesn’t appear for trial.

The information that bail agents needs

As soon as the judge sets the bail, and you would like to get the accused or the suspect out of custody, here is some crucial information you will require to make available to a bail guarantor.

First, you need to identify the exact name and location of the jail where the suspect is in custody. Next, provide his or her booking number and full name. Most significantly, know the amount of bail required to assist the bail agent in determining the specific amount of money to get a loved one or a friend out of jail.

Bail Bondsman Procedure

The bail bondsman process is the next thing you should know after you’ve contacted a bail guarantor. First, you will have agreed on a given pricing option. Then he or she presents a surety bond to a court to set free the defendant. You won’t have to pay more cash to the bail bondsman if the suspect doesn’t miss court dates.

However, if the suspect fails to appear in court proceedings as required by law, the bail will be forfeited or surrendered. The bail bondsman has the power to locate the suspect and then surrender him or her to the court. Also, family or friends that co-signed the particular bail bond will take responsibility for the amount of bond. Worse still, if they used security to acquire the bond (such as a property), they face the possibility of losing it.

Facing Criminal Charges? Contact an Attorney today!

If you’re facing criminal charges or simply the bail process, an experienced attorney will argue for a reduction of the bail amount, depending on the facts presented in your case.