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new song from my forthcoming solo album

Jun 5 2014

i love the word ‘forthcoming’.  it classes up any sentence it’s in.  HEY!  i have a new record coming out this summer, my first non-sr release (sad face) and here’s the first single off of it.  get on this and go to www.michaelflynn.com for more important information about what YOU can do to stop the absence of music from ruining YOUR life.

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the new hot newness

Apr 28 2014


hey sr friends– as you may know we’re on a bit of a hiatus these days but i’m releasing a solo record this summer.  and kaler plays on it, so there are some moments where if you close your eyes and wish hard enough you can pretend it’s us.  cause it sort of is!  in moments!  anyway direct your netscape navigator to www.michaelflynn.com for all the pertinent info on this exciting development.  thanks.  –mef



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Sep 23 2013

alright alright alright– the big music hall show is coming up THIS FRIDAY.  it’s going to be a special night.  if you haven’t already gotten tickets you can do so here.  remember friends, it’s cheaper to buy them beforehand.  that leaves more leftover monies that you can put towards your always-growing beanie baby collection!  don’t worry, that investment is totally going to pay off.  those things are just going to get more and more valuable.

we know there are some fans in far-off places who can’t make it to charleston for the show.  we want to play for you people too.  ideally we’d do a global ‘here comes the hiatus’ tour, but it’s just not possible right now.  so here’s what we’re thinking:  if you’re one of those people who live too far away to come to the show, email your skype or facetime ID plus the time zone you live in to slowrunnermusic@gmail.com.  sometime in the next few weeks we’ll call you to say hi and perform a song of your choice.  it’s a personal 1-song concert just for you, courtesy of the internets!  we’ll have to figure out the schedule once we know who lives where and how many of these we’re doing.  it might have to be a surprise, so bring your earbuds with you to work just in case.

thanks again, and hopefully we’ll see you this friday night (doors are at 7, show starts at 8, world ends at midnight)!

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