Sep 23 2013

alright alright alright– the big music hall show is coming up THIS FRIDAY.  it’s going to be a special night.  if you haven’t already gotten tickets you can do so here.  remember friends, it’s cheaper to buy them beforehand.  that leaves more leftover monies that you can put towards your always-growing beanie baby collection!  don’t worry, that investment is totally going to pay off.  those things are just going to get more and more valuable.

we know there are some fans in far-off places who can’t make it to charleston for the show.  we want to play for you people too.  ideally we’d do a global ‘here comes the hiatus’ tour, but it’s just not possible right now.  so here’s what we’re thinking:  if you’re one of those people who live too far away to come to the show, email your skype or facetime ID plus the time zone you live in to  sometime in the next few weeks we’ll call you to say hi and perform a song of your choice.  it’s a personal 1-song concert just for you, courtesy of the internets!  we’ll have to figure out the schedule once we know who lives where and how many of these we’re doing.  it might have to be a surprise, so bring your earbuds with you to work just in case.

thanks again, and hopefully we’ll see you this friday night (doors are at 7, show starts at 8, world ends at midnight)!

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news clump 2013: the big one.

Aug 20 2013

big news today.  bittersweet.  i’m not even sure how to say it because my trademark snark only works when nothing important is happening (which is 90% of the time).  let’s break it up into easily digestible bites:

1– we have a new show!  september 27 at the charleston music hall.  so excited.  huge band populated by all our friends, gorgeous venue, and this one is different and special for several reasons.  one is we’re playing with brave baby!  they’re a great charleston band who we’ve longed to play with for a while.  like deep, almost-creepy longing.  we’re also going to be joined by brilliant comedian dusty slay.  it gets old playing with nothing but other bands– so we’re trying a band/comic/band lineup and seeing how that feels.  dusty is hilarious and i encourage you to jump down the youtube wormhole of his standup footage.  hopefully some of the funny will rub off and my between song banter will go from ‘insufferable’ to ‘tolerable’.


so see, it’s going to be a special night!  that’s the sweet part.  it’ll also be special because… here comes the bitter part…

2– it’ll be our last show for a long while.  we’re not breaking up, and in fact we’ll probably still be making records when we’re decrepit and senile and barely able to speak in coherent sentences.  but we’re taking an indefinite break after this show for a few reasons.  one is that josh has some amazing musical opportunities pulling him away from his beloved charleston.  he’s not falling off the face of the earth and like many of you i’m going to miss him terribly but we both felt like the timing was right.  also we can make records long-distance and the process won’t really be that different for us (thanks, internet).  also…

3– i’m making a solo record!  it’s something i’ve always wanted to do, and as the writing of what was supposed to be the next sr record has progressed, it’s felt less and less like sr and more like something else.  so i’m going down that ‘something else’ road and seeing where it leads.  i hope you’ll come with me.  the record should be finished this year and come out sometime in early 2014.  depending on how that goes, the next sr record could come out sometime in 2015/16.  by then maybe we’ll be back in style!

we first started writing and recording ‘no disassemble’ in 2003, and that was really the beginning of what became slow runner.  it’s been an amazing decade and we are incredibly grateful for all the adventures we’ve had and the lovely people we’ve met and played with and played for.  it’s hard to be in a band with somebody for 10 years without hating each others’ guts.  turns out we ended up loving each others’ guts.  we’re really proud of all the music we’ve made in the last decade and hope you’ll join us september 27 at the charleston music hall to celebrate it.  if there was ever a slow runner show to use as an excuse to visit charleston, this is it.  i promise not to cry for at least the first half.

mf01click here to buy tickets.  thank you.


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shows n stuff

Mar 27 2013


just a quick note to let you know about a few shows we have coming up:

friday april 19 – new brookland tavern – columbia sc w/sea wolf mutiny, mechanical river, heyrocco (fb event)

saturday april 20 – earth day at furman university – all day event w/ same people above plus danielle howle & others FREE (fb event)

both should be GREAT opportunities for line dancing and tree hugging.  we’ll probably go on sometime in the late afternoon at the furman thing but really you should just make a day of it.


also we just wanted to do a recap post where we put the links to all the new music we put out last fall, cause there was a lot and you might have missed something.  hey it’s cool!  i’m not criticizing you.  i was supposed to be keynote speaker at tito jackson’s funeral in november and i just completely blanked.  holidays, amirite?  wait what?  tito’s alive?  phew, i feel so much better about myself!

i always thought i’d make you happy (SINGLE):  itunes  amazon  google play

xxx (SINGLE):  itunes  amazon  google play

fight songs (SINGLE):  itunes  amazon  google play

no disassemble rerelease w/b-sides, remixes, covers:  bandcamp


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